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This drug is also known to be used for stress reduction and memory relocation. Ketaset is also known to be used by people recreationally as it can produce effects such as ego inflation, emotional suppression, and feelings of sobriety.



Buy ketaset 10 mg\ml.

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What is Ketaset?

Ketaset is one of the many brand names of ketamine which is an anesthesia drug and it is classified into various categories such as NDMA receptor antagonists, antidepressants, anesthesia and hallucinogen. Ketaset’s wide list of categories shows that it is widely used for various purposes although it is primarily used to induce anesthesia.

Ketaset chemistry.

The IUPAC name of the drug is “(RS) -2- (2-chlorophenyl) -2- (methylamino) cyclohexanone” while the drug’s CAS number is 6740-88-1. The molecular formula of the drug is C13H16ClNO while the molecular weight of ketaset is 237.725 g /

Uses of Ketaset.

The uses of ketaset are wide as it is used for the treatment of humans and animals. In humans, Ketaset is used for a variety of purposes such as inducing anesthesia, an antidepressant, and pain reliever. Upon administration, ketaset causes sedation and anesthesia is induced in patients if a substantial amount of the drug has been administered.

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