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2-MMC, commonly known as 2-Methylmethcathinone, like 3-CMC, is a Research Chemical of the cathinone class. In addition, 2-MMC is legal and a substitute for 3-MMC. It has many similarities to 3-CMC and is also available in powder and pellets.

What exactly is 2-MMC crystal chunk?

2-Methylmethcathinone (2-MMC) is a research chemical of the cathinone class. This stimulant has a chemical structure is similar to those 3-methylcathinone and 4-methylcathinone.

1) This product is sold for research purposes only and should not be used for other reasons, including but not limited to in vivo diagnostics, foods, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and/or cosmetics for humans and/or animals.

2) Make sure you are well prepared for research chemicals and that your work environment is well ventilated before making your purchase.

3) To order this product, you must be at least 18 years old.

4) Your job is to understand and follow the laws of your country, province, territory, state or city. We accept no liability for actions or consequences resulting from your decision to order.

IUPAC name: 1-(2-methylphenyl)-2-(methylamino)propane-1-one

Synonyms: 2-methylmethcathinone

State of product: crystal powder

Purity: 98%+

Color: white

Common name: 2-methylmethcathinone, 2 mmc

Systematic name: 2-Methylmethcathinone

Formula: C 11 H 15 N O

Chemical class: cathinone

Related chemicals: 3-CMC, 2-CMC, 3-MMC, 4-MMC


All Research Chemical products are NOT intended for testing on humans or animals or for ingestion. We absolutely object to any use not authorized by research.

2-MMC crystal chunk, how to use?

When working with research chemicals, always take necessary measures in the laboratory, such as washing surfaces and wearing gloves, a mask and protective clothing.

Because 2-MMC is not as strong as some other chemicals, the minimum purchase is one gram. This is not to say that it should not be handled with care. Even a small amount of 2-MMC can have a significant effect, so you should adjust your research goals accordingly.

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